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What I meant about using kayamata to attract Senators – BBTitans Nana [VIDEO]



What I meant about using kayamata to attract Senators – BBTitans Nana [VIDEO]

Former Big Brother Titans housemate, Nana has finally explained what she meant about using kayamata to attract senators.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls in February, Nana made headlines when she said on the reality show that she used kayamata to attract senators when she used to work as an escort. She had said in part:

It works. That time when I bought, the senators I gathered. Jesus, back to back. I’m always flexing. If they have a trip, escort, back to back. My friends used to say if I had sense when I was gathering money, I would have had a car and house. But where is the money? Junks, junks, junks. And I didn’t use to buy clothes oh, or hair. I would be braiding hair. Omo if I had sense at that time, the money I would have gathered. But I was not wise enough. But now, I’m back. Wait for my return.

Upon her exit from the BBTitans house, Nana during a new interview with Hot FM radio, opened up about what she really meant by her earlier statement on national TV about using kayamata to attract senators. In her words:

Okay so uhm, first of all I sell afrodisiac products and then afrodisiac products is also kayamata. So uhmm, we were having a conversation but just like I will say, Big Brother plays what he wants the audience to hear at some certain moments. We were having a conversation. He just bumped into when we were like saying some certain things because I was actually talking to some of my friends telling them okay, this is what I sell.

So yeah, I was just making some instances when you use it, this is what you get. And then okay, Big Brother came and then tried to make it. Cuz I myself, when I’m selling something, I use myself as an example. So I will be like okay for me, like when you use it, this is what you get.

So that was what I said but Big Brother played what he wanted. There is camera and if there is camera somewhere in that house, it just turns and then the conversation is not from the beginning, from the scratch.

See video below:

YouTube video

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