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Biodun Okeowo ‘Omoborty’ wades into Yetunde Bakare and Habibat Jinad’s drama; picks side



Biodun Okeowo ‘Omoborty’ wades into Yetunde Bakare and Habibat Jinad’s drama; picks side

Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo better known as Omoborty has waded into Yetunde Bakare and Habibat Jinad’s drama, and picked sides.

While reacting to the ongoing beef between actresses, Habibat Jinad and Yetunde Bakare, Omoborty shared her story.

Taking to Habibat’s comment section, Biodun narrated her own similar experience in the hands of her colleagues.

Biodun claimed she could relate to Habibat’s outcry because she faced the same affliction in her set. According to her, these bitter colleagues felt intimidated by her presence. She then urged Habibat to ignore critics and face God. Another actress, Funke Etti appealed with Habibat to calm down. See comments below:Biodun Okeowo ‘Omoborty’ wades into Yetunde Bakare and Habibat Jinad’s drama; picks side

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The drama began when Habibat Jinad called out her colleagues in the make-believe industry to stop sabotaging her career.

Habibat Jinad who was almost tearful in the video she posted online appealed to other actors, while calling out Yetunde Bakare to desist spoiling her reputation out of jealousy.

The actress who admitted Yetunde Bakare already apologized for her wrongdoing, claimed she caused a lot of what is currently happening.

Habibat Jinad captioned the video:

“I am begging you all for the sake of my son.

Please and please, I’m begging you in the name of God.

I have fought so many battles and I’m still standing, I have been broken, destroyed, rejected and abandoned but I am still walking proud. Please let me live in peace for the sake of my son.”

See video here.

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Hours after Habibat Jinad’s outcry, Yetunde Bakare hit back at her, for revisiting a misunderstanding that took place four years ago.

In her defense, she took to her Instagram to post a video where she narrated what transpired between them four years ago.

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Yetunde denied speaking ill of her colleague who she called a joker. She wrote:

“I’ll just make it simple out of respect for My Son and because you’re not a stranger to me.

Nobody…. I repeat absolutely NOBODY asked me about you either for job or business.

If you want to create enemies for me based on hearsay that HAPPENED 4 YEARS AGO then you’re a joker.

And to that SENIOR COLLEAGUE that is always ready to jump on anything that has to do with YETUNDE. May you find PEACE.”

See video here