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Saga, Giddyfia likened as Tega Dominic clears air on earlier statement about Phyna, Whitemoney’s attitude



Saga, Giddyfia likened as Tega Dominic clears air on earlier statement about Phyna, Whitemoney’s attitude
Saga, Giddyfia likened as Tega Dominic clears air on earlier statement about Phyna, Whitemoney’s attitude

Former Brother Naija housemate, Tega Dominic has issued a PSA to fans of Phyna and the general public, amidst backlash from critics.

Recall that days back, during a podcast, Tega described season seven housemate, Phyna as ‘annoyingly loud’, adding that she shares similar characteristics with Whitemoney because of her constant use of the slang ‘who dey’ which she dislikes. She said:

“This is my perspective of Phyna, I think she is a very sweet girl but like you said that whole shouting thing, I would ask for voluntary exit. Phyna is annoyingly loud and that blurs my perspective of her. There was a time I was looking at her and I said this girl is actually fine but then again she comes up with that ‘who dey who dey’ you know I was already bored from my season of ‘who dey’ and then it’s now here again.”

On Sunday September 11, Tega issued a PSA to explain in details what her earlier statement meant. The mother-of-one opined that she wasn’t trying to drag Phyna down, and neither does she hate her, but shouting at random for no reasonable reason is a trigger for her.

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Tega mentioned that the only time Whitemoney was loud was when they were jubilant over winning a task, or during a party, and not randomly, like Phyna.

Talking about Saga and Giddyfia, Tega said she would have fingered Saga as loud, but his own style of being loud was his laughter, which she described as contagious, just like Giddyfia’s. In her words:


Dear fans of phyna, I have read the comments on several platforms, and to be very honest, I have been laughing.

However, some words were pretty shocking to read. I had been advised not to make this piece, but frankly, I need to set some points straight.

I have seen a comment and even DMS of people saying I am a woman, and I am saying trash to bring another woman down, Please get this straight, all my life, I have never made derogatory statements to my friends or anyone, even those who have turned me into Enemies. I have never brought anyone down to elevate me or bring up another, my statements concerning phyna weren’t from the point of hate; I’ll explain this now to people who judged without even watching the full video.

I said, “phyna is “annoyingly” loud.” The word “annoyingly” sounds wrong to a lot of people and I take it back, What I meant was her screams sometimes are unnecessary especially when it’s done in the house when people are resting and no activity, and for me, it isn’t comforting. This doesn’t express that I do not like her; I outrightly stated her qualities before I made that statement. And yes, I would’ve asked for a voluntary exit because it’s a trigger for me, and I wouldn’t want to be in anyone’s way because of a game. Some people say Whitemoney was loud; why didn’t I leave? I’ll tell you why.

Whitemoney was never loud in the house, and he would say “who dey” at parties or when we won something, he was never loud. That’s why I said if we ever had a loud personality, I would ask for a voluntary exit because that triggers my anxiety.

People have different triggers, and that’s human; if I described anyone loud, it would be Saga, but it was his laughter, and that’s contagious. He can make you laugh even when you do not want to, which is a good thing, just like gidifaya.

I am taking this time to explain in detail because I know some people will read this and some won’t and still say what’s in their head because it’s TEGA. It’s not like I care, but just because I hate the narrative of you are a woman and doing dadada to a woman, And this is so hypocritical because some of you are and have always been in my comment section displaying a reflection of what you indeed are which I still do not blame you. It’s because of the society we live.

To phyna’s fans, I do not hate your girl, not even anyone in the house, because hate is a decisive factor.

Phyna is a strong factor from day one and will always be, WIN OR NOT! so stay focused and forget what is unnecessary.

My perspective doesn’t count so does anyone else’s-my best wishes to her in all her doings in the house.


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