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‘I’m A Born Cheater And Play Girl,’ Nkechi Blessing Confesses



‘I’m A Born Cheater And Play Girl,’ Nkechi Blessing Confesses

Popular Nigerian actress Nkechi Sunday has confessed that she is a born cheater and play girl.

In a recent interview, Nkechi Blessing confessed that she was a cheat and will always cheat in marriage until she gets married.

According to the mother of one, the only thing that will make her faithful to a man is when the man puts the ring on her finger and that is when she will stop cheating on him.

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In her words;

“I’m single until I’m married my darling until a man put a ring on my finger before I can stop cheating, yes I’m a born cheater and play girl, a man can actually control me without anything. People who know me know the truth about money, forget the fact I that I always talk about money”.

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Nkechi’s opinion on cheating has fluctuated in the past, although she has previously stated that she is not the kind to end a relationship due to adultery.

She stated that she would like to stay in the relationship and fight for what she values.

“First of all, God won’t give me a cheating partner and if eventually, he cheats, it is never enough for me to leave my marriage.

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“I do not support cheating because no woman wants to share her husband but these are things that one cannot control.”

“Men are polygamous in nature. If I see signs, I would have a heart-to-heart talk with him and also adjust my ways.”

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