Budding Talent Danlil Drops Debut NFT Project

Budding Talent Danlil Drops Debut NFT Project

Singer “Danlil” is launching an NFT project which is already been listed on some top NFT websites. The project (shiba town) focuses on real estate development which will be totally powered by blockchain.

“Danlil” who also has been working on an Ep (love lives here) with his first yet to be released, emphasizes on the need for all Africans to adopt the use of blockchain technology, which is the future.

The “rara” hit crooner is also working with major international music stars on his first studio album, which might be released 2022 as he chooses not to disclose any further details.

We have seen so many people become millionaires in dollars in just a short while he said, yes this is not magic it’s the power of blockchain technology and it’s the new wave which even the government knows about,”Shiba town Nft” gives holders/collectors wonderful opportunities and I think this should be the first ever real estate project to be backed up and powered by blockchain.

NFT Link: https://bit.ly/3DuT4lu


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