How Is Everyone Using Video Marketing In 2020

How Is Everyone Using Video Marketing In 2020

In the last decade, we have seen a transition of content consumption from writeups to videos. The entire marketing is inclining towards video content because it is engaging and can be kept in mind for a longer period. Owing to this fact, many big-brands have now started incorporating videos in their marketing strategies. More video platforms are targeted to reach a higher number of consumers.

Video marketing is a process in which the marketing team of a brand or organisation uses videos to promote their brand, product, and services. According to a source, it is anticipated that in the future video marketing is going to become a powerful tool for every big or small organisation. Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a lot of things changing, and video marketing is also significantly affected due to this situation. Everyone is forced to stay in their house, and people have gradually adopted a routine of consuming more videos than ever. Due to this factor, video creations have also increased. So in this article, we will see a few ways by which everyone is using video marketing in 2020:

Mobile Video Marketing

From Facebook to Instagram, the number of users has significantly increased in the past 6 months. Owing to this fact, mobile video marketing has also started gripping the marketing world. To captivate the audience, mobile video marketing has become one of the best and widely used tools. However, at no cost can we neglect YouTube as an active marketing tool of all time. But you think that mobile video marketing has consumed the entire market right from the beginning, then you are wrong.

Mobile video marketing is available for a long time now. This approach always lacked the technology to convert and customize regular videos into mobile-first videos. This technology is available but less accessible. So, in normal times to get a mobile-first video, the brand had to cross a lot of barriers. But in 2020 this has changed to a large extent. There is much easier and much more accessible video editing software that is coming up in the market, which makes editing a video much more simple.

Data-Driven Videos

Data-driven marketing is one of the best ways to get more audience to your video. The more data-driven videos you have, the better it becomes for your reputation. But in the real world, there are only a handful of people who have adopted this technique. The reason behind this is the counterintuitiveness, and the difficulty in presenting unfiltered, unbiased data in front of the consumers.

Video Marketing and Editing is Now Affordable

One of the major shifts that the video marketing sector has seen in 2020 is the ease and affordability of video production. Until a few years earlier, creating a video for marketing a service or product was considered as a significant investment. You had to buy a fancy and modern camera, expensive and difficult to use video editing software, lightings, and much more. These days there are several regional video editing software that works like a video maker.

But in the past 2 years, a lot of online video editing applications and tools have come up in the market, making things better and easier for brands to get the marketing done. Many social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have a lot of in-built video editing tools and features to help people in creating and editing the videos at the same place. In 2020, many better, newer, and free tools have been launched in the market, allowing you to create better, high-quality videos at ease. Due to the availability of these tools, video production can be a lot faster, and here are the key benefits it can provide.

    • Helps in reaching the market quicker
    • Lesser production cost
    • You get similar or better quality videos
    • You get the creative freedom
    • You can try experiments on your advertisements

Live is Better

From being 700 million active viewers in 2016, the number of video viewers has significantly increased in the past 4 years and has reached to about 2.6 billion. This number is only going to increase because of the ease provided by the editing apps. The video marketing sector in the market has seen a boom in these years, and in 2020 the numbers have skyrocketed. This was all about the videos that are uploaded after editing, but what about the live video sessions? We often see people going live on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; this is also available on YouTube.

In 2020 more brands are following the ‘Live is better’ mantra. This has worked wonders in the past, and it is going to come back again.

Shoppable Videos

Apart from all the other interesting and intriguing videos, shoppable videos are very interesting and eye-catchy. This is also one of the most relevant formats for brands on social media platforms. From influencers to big brands, anyone and everyone can use these platforms and create shoppable videos online. This helps in not just building a good user base but also converting viewers into customers. Brands have started using shoppable videos to showcase their products because considering the factors and functionality of these videos, it is evident that they help sell your product or service at ease. They are direct messages to people stating the features and benefits of having your product and services. Apart from being engaging, these videos are highly informative as they guide and encourage the viewer to buy the product. Shoppable videos provoke people to buy your product at ease.


It is not wrong to say that video marketing is a very popular and effective way of placing your product in front of a consumer. 2020 might be harsh on a lot of things, but after going through the above-given information, we can’t deny that video marketing is going to have a better future.

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