HOT VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez x Maluma – Pa Ti + Lonely


Download   mp4 by x – Jennifer Lopez is a legend when it comes to music and entertainment. At 51 years old, JLo is still killing it on the biggest stages and is also dropping new music.

Recently, she came through with a brand new track alongside the likes of Maluma. The track is called “Pa Ti + Lonely” and immediately upon listening to it, you quickly realize it is all in Spanish.

When translated, the song is basically about a relationship that seems to be going down a rocky path. Both sides miss each other greatly all their past actions are making it hard to reconcile. The song features a catchy beat with JLo and Maluma trading verses.

Quotable Lyrics (English Translation):

I need you, I’m lonely (Yeah)
If I fucked it up, baby, I’m sorry (I’m sorry)
You’re my shorty, no one is the same (Ay)
Let your ego go, it’s going to kill you
You’re sayin’ that you’re feelin’ lonely
But you fucked up, baby, I’m sorry (Sorry)

Give this track a listen and let us know what you think, in the comments below.


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