HOT ALBUM!: Tory Lanez – Daystar

HOT ALBUM!: Tory Lanez – Daystar

Download Daystar album by Tory Lanez – Tory Lanez Shares His Side Of The Story On 17-Track Project “Daystar”

He claims that Megan Thee Stallion’s team is trying to frame him and said Kehlani’s tweets against him “hurt [his] heart.”

Since July’s incident involving Megan Thee Stallion, there has been radio silence from Tory Lanez. The Canadian has been vilified in the media after the Houston rapper accused him of shooting her, and since that time, Cancel Culture has called for Tory to be blackballed and boycotted. T.I. recently claimed that he spoke with Tory about the incident and Lanez relayed that Megan Thee Stallion’s version of events wasn’t truthful, and now Tory Lanez has resurfaced to pour his heart out on his surprise project, Daystar.

The record is filled with quotable lines as he jumps right into how he feels about the world’s response to the July shooting. “Megan people trying to frame me for a shooting but them boys ain’t cleaning up,” Troy raps within the first few minutes of the album. A few lines later, he sad it “hurt my heart” to read the tweets from Kaash Paige and Kehlani in the wake of the controversy as they spoke out against him. On another track, he questions Megan’s claims that she was shot from behind, asking how she could identify her assailant. Lanez declares his innocence throughout, so stream Daystar and share your takeaways from the project.


1. Money Over Fallouts
2. A Woman
3. Friends Become Strangers
4. Sorry But I Had To… ft. Yoko Gold
5. A Poem From Me 2 You
6. Th eMost High
7. Look How wGOD Works
8. Queen And Slim
9. What’s Kulture??
10. Solar Drive @ Night
11. Bittersweet
12. Things I Should of Said
13. Just Got It Done
14. Jokes on Me
15. Care For You
16. In the Air
17. Life ft. Yoko Gold

Tory Lanez – Daystar


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