MUSIC: Juice WRLD – Can’t Die

MUSIC: Juice WRLD – Can’t Die

Download Juice WRLD Can’t Die MP3. Juice WRLD lives forever on “Can’t Die.”

At the tender age of just 21-years-old, Juice WRLD left the physical realm on Dec. 9, 2019, but left his fans and music enthusiasts alike a plethora of hidden gems in the form his artistry. With the recent release of his posthumous album, Legends Never Die (2020), his devoted fellowship has earned the opportunity to mourn the loss of the Chicago-bred musician but one track stands out eerily above the rest. The nineteenth track on the twenty-one song LP entitled, “Can’t Die” somewhat appears to be a manifestation of the events that took place at Chicago’s Midway Airport that led to his untimely demise late last year.

The song produced by Morgan O’Connor and DY Krazy remains instrumentally similar to the majority of the tracks on the album experimenting with distorted guitar riffs, thunderous 808 basslines, and heavily programmed drum sequencing. However, contextually where the song hits home for many who’ve celebrated their immortality only to fall short to the reality of humanity. In the second verse, the “Wishing Well” rapper croons about those around him warning about possibly overdosing from partaking in various dangerous substances. Unfortunately, his lyrics creepily were manifested and the masses won’t be able to see the young artist grow into the world-renowned megastar he could have been.

However, with his art here for the culture to appreciate for years to come, maybe Juice WRLD is immortal after all. Check out Juice WRLD’s “Can’t Die” album cut in the video link provided below.

Quotable Lyrics

Cross my heart, hope to survive
That I’ma be the last rich nigga alive
They tell me that I’m finna OD in no time
I told ’em I’ll do it on my time, not your time
Got my heart in a hellhole, it’s on fire
But I won’t let myself get trapped in here this time, time
Time will stop (Time stops), time will stop (Time, time stops)

Juice WRLD – Can’t Die



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