RAPE: Who Should We Blame? Men, Women Or Mothers?

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have a lot of roles to play in curbing rape. How you are nurturing your male children tells a lot on them when they grow up.

A child can have everything while growing up and still have bad upbringing. Many have failed in their duties of training their male children to be responsible towards women .

Many are (indirectly) training their male children to intimidate and not women because a man is the ‘head of the family’ and they must not subject themselves in any form to women, which is wrong.

RAPE: Who Should We Blame? Men, Women Or Mothers?

There are a lot of traits a male child will show while growing up that will give his clue that this child will like women or be a womanizer when he grows up. How do parents handle such a kid? They mostly applaud them and make them feel like it is a normal thing to like women too much. Gradually, such kid will start teaching himself how to dominate women, this leads to the use of force with women and progressively to rape.

Some men are rapist because nobody told them the lengths not to go with women (girls) when they were growing up, while some do it to satisfy themselves, which is outright wrong.

Rape is a brutal issue that needs everyone’s unity to curb. Always remember, the men who rape were given birth to and nurtured by women.

Instead of focusing on blaming the men, let us all join forces together to stop this act right before boys become men.


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