MUSIC: T-Pain – Get Up

MUSIC: T-Pain – Get Up

The ever-reliable T-Pain gets and riled on the electric new anthem “Get Up.”

With the fight against systemic racism still ongoing, many artists have mobilized to use their platform for the of the cause. Today, T-Pain stepped forward to lead the way, as he has done for over decade in the game.

The legendary singer slash rapper has officially stepped up with new anthem called “Get Up,” a rallying cry bolstered by a powerful spoken word introduction.

MUSIC: T-Pain – Get Up
T-Pain – Get Up Art

Boasting infectious electronic elements, the track keeps steady beat going as Pain’s layered harmonies rise. “Long as my heart beatin’ and I’m breathin’ air, I’ll fight for me, you decide, anytime, anywhere,” he sings, in the opening verse. “And I will never back down from it, That’s not coming, I just attack from the front.”

While the lyrics are little on the general side, when paired with the intro’s message it’s hard not to read this one as a protest anthem — and a groovy one at that. And for those who aren’t interested in applying a sociopolitical lens, there remains plenty to enjoy thanks to an inspired performance from Teddy Pendergrass. Check it out for yourself.

T-Pain – Get Up




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