DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Dave East – Menace

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Dave East – Menace

Dave East came through with a brand new single from the album in “Menace,” complete with a powerful video to further enhance the story. In true East fashion, his lyricism remains sharpened, his presence cool, collected, and dangerous.

Yet that’s exactly how he has to be in order to move through his surroundings. “Watch when we moving through, them n***as retarded don’t know what they’ll do to you,” warns East.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Dave East – Menace
Dave East Menace

“One think of stabbing you, one think of shooting you / I keep my circle as close as a hula hoop.” Deftly flowing over an up-tempo instrumental, East continues to expand on his Survival story, defying his own expectations and trying to live by his own established code. One of Karma, three times over.

Check out “Menace” nand ENJOY!



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