Amber Rose Tells ‘All Lives Matter’ Movement Supporters To ‘Get The Fcuk Off’

‘All Lives Matter Get The Fcuk Off’ –Amber Rose

American model, Amber Rose, declared herself ‘Pro-Black, Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Hoe, Pro-Sex Worker’, but against ‘All Lives Matter’ movement.

While thousands of people around the world are throwing their support for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, Amber Rose has publicly kicked against the ‘All Lives Matter’ movement in a post she shared on her Instagram page of over 19.9 million followers.

‘All Lives Matter Get The Fcuk Off’ –Amber Rose
Amber Rose

“I’m Pro Black af, Pro LGBTQ af, Pro Hoe, Pro Sex Work, Pro Choice,” the model wrote on social media, adding that “If ur Fatphobic, Transphobic or ever screamed ‘All Lives Matter’ get the f*ck off my page.”

‘All Lives Matter Get The Fcuk Off’ –Amber Rose
Amber Rose posted on Instagram

Her post has since been getting tons of support from her followers on her Instagram comment section, however, some still kicked against her for having problem against ‘All Lives Matter’ movement.



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