ALBUM: G-Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here


Download Mp3. Switches Things Up On “” Ft. Ashley Benson, Kossisko

On Friday (June 26), G-Eazy released his alternative record, Everything’s Strange Here. For G-Eazy fans that are looking for any semblance of his rap star persona on this album, you’re going to be disappointed.

However, for someone switching gears so abruptly, G-Eazy does a fine job of drifting into an arena that no one is used to hearing him play in. Check out Everything’s Strange Here by G-Eazy and share your thoughts.


1. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime
2. Free Porn Cheap Drugs
3. Back To What You Knew
4. All The Things You’re Searching For ft. Kossisko & Ashley Benson
5. Stan By Me
6. In The Middle
7. Nostalgia Cycle
8. Every Night Of The Year
9. Lazarus
10. Had Enough

G-Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here

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