Watch How White Police Officers Kill Unarmed Black Man, George Floyd (Video)

Watch How White Police Officers Kill Unarmed Black Man, George Floyd (Video)

Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired from their job for their involvement in the killing of a black man, George Floyd.

In a video that went on social media, the man was seen held down with a knee as he protested that he couldn’t breathe, officials Tuesday.


The FBI is investigating the incident, which drew widespread condemnation of the officers after a video showing part of the encounter circulated on social media, CNN reports.

The death of George Floyd, 46, drew hundreds of people to the streets of Minneapolis on Tuesday.

Protesters — many wearing face masks — held “I can’t breathe” signs and chanted together near the site of Monday’s incident. Some motorists honked in support.

Later in the evening, police attempted to disperse the crowds outside the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct after a front glass window was smashed.

The four officers were “separated from employment,” Officer Garrett Parten, a police spokesman, Tuesday.

“I support your decisions, one hundred percent,” Mayor Jacob Frey, in a statement about police Chief Medaria Arradondo’s firing of the officers. “It is the right decision for our city. The right decision for our community, it is the right decision for the Minneapolis Police Department.”



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