CYNTHIA MORGAN: Not Honouring Contracts Hurts Musicians And Nigeria’s Economy —Eldee


Nigeran veteran singer, has reacted to the ongoing drama between , and his former signee, .

Eldee in a series of tweets reacted by urging everyone not to willingly sign a contract without going through it properly. He stated that if the terms are no longer favorable, the second party has a right to accept new terms.

He wrote: ” Don’t willingly sign a contract & then turn around a while later to complain about how you’re being “cheated”. If the terms are no longer favorable, renegotiate, but remember that your partner also reserves the right to accept the new terms.


“You can’t sign a financial agreement and expect to change the terms halfway into the deal, unless that option/clause exists in the agreement to begin with. This idea that it is ok or permissible not to honor contracts/agreements that were made simply because you now feel different or feel more valuable to the partnership is dangerous to any ecosystem that seeks growth.

“How can an investor trust an industry that doesn’t honor simple contracts? Why do you think it’s so difficult to attract investment in so called unstable regions? Do you realize that this is one of the primary reasons that a region/system may be classified as “unstable”?”

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