‘Money Issues Are The Number One Reason For Divorce’ –Reno Omokri


in his usual fashion has taken to social media to dish out a piece of advice on .

According to Omokri, if a wedding costs more than the net worth of the person sponsoring, that marriage will not last.

”Husband + Wife + Lots of Debt = problematic Marriage.

‘Your Prosperity Is Not In God’s Hand’, Reno Omokri Says
Reno Omokri

“Don’t spend all your on a wedding and live a marital life in penury. If your wedding is costing more than your net worth, the likelihood of your future increases by more than 100%.

“Money issues are the number one reason for divorce. Google it. Register for my webinar ‘How To Improve Your Productivity and Explode Your Success’ via the link below. I teach how to optimise your life in all areas.”


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