Angry Mob Kills Father Of Hungry Family For Stealing Chicken


A of seven children has been stoned to death by an angry in for allegedly stealing to feed his hungry family

The incident happened in Kamurojjo-Muro village, Serere district, in the Teso sub region of the east African country.

The deceased identified only as Emuron was accused of stealing a hen from of one the neighbors, on Monday afternoon and residents descended on him in a furious mob attack.

According to Eastern News Network, eyewitnesses at the scene recounted Emuron wailing that ‘his children had gone days without food.’

Paul Edigu, an eye witness said that the angry mob did not give the suspect time to explain his actions.

“Despite this c0mmunity anger, some residents were opposed to the act stressing that the lockdown situation could have pushed Emuron to steal so as to feed his children,” Edigu told ENN.

Left in coma, those who were lenient with Emuron voluntarily carried him up to Kyere Health Centre III, but Emuron died upon arrival and his body was seen abandoned under a mango tree at the health centre.

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