Education Is Better In America Than Africa —Stella Damasus


Actress has taken to social media to talk about the huge gap in .

Using one of her daughters as an example, Damasus stated that American teachers not only teach but ensure the kids are very well interested in what they are being taught that they go extra miles in learning more about these subjects.

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Stella Damasus

”So, my daughter @angelicatooni and I, have regular conversations about social justice, psychology, real estate and entertainment. I know that I am smart but the way she talks about these things based on her studies and research shows me a huge gap between the way we were taught in Africa and the way they are taught in .

”They are able to get them so interested in these subjects that these kids go real deep into research, arguments, articles, discussions etc. The boldness with which they are taught to defend their findings still amazes me. I pray that one day, African children in Africa will be taught to research and KNOW not just to PASS. I pray that they will RISE and take their place.”‘

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