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On the recent edition of “American Dad,” The Weeknd made a guest appearance and co-wrote the show. During the 30-minute episode, titled “A Starboy Is Born,” he also debuted a brand new song, which he wrote with Asa Taccone, who has worked with his brother Jorma’s group The Lonely Island.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: The Weeknd — Dark Secret (From American Dad)
DOWNLOAD VIDEO: The Weeknd — Dark Secret Art

An animated Abel trades his superstar lifestyle with Roger, whose sister Hayley has a crush on The Weeknd. She tries to have sex with him, only to discover his “dark secret”–he’s a virgin. While making his confession, he breaks into song.

“I’m a virgin, never got close enough / Cell phone blowin’ up / But I’m waiting for the right person,” he sings. “Tryna act super tough / But inside I’m a 12-year-old boy.”

Watch a clip from “American Dad” below.


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