DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Rotimi Ft. Wale – In My Bed


With his latest EP, ‘The Beauty of Becoming,’ earning acclaim from a growing legion of fans, actor-singer-songwriter is giving those who need a little more convincing yet another reason to check it out courtesy of its latest single, ‘.’

Featuring , the tune comes as a timely ‘stay-at-home’ anthem – an announcement, if you will, for “meetings in the bedroom.”

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Rotimi Ft. Wale – In My Bed
Rotimi and Wale In My Bed

“Be ready to touch, when I reach it, yeah / A go eat it up, I ain’t no vegan, yeah / I make that ting go water / I go make that ting run water / I go make you sing my song / There’s a meeting in my bed, oh / In my bed, oh,” he wails on the Harmony Samuels-produced track.

For its music video, the singer reportedly tapped 37 animators from 24 cities across the globe to create the song’s accompanying animated visuals (executive produced by Rotimi himself).

Watch below;


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