DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Jaden Smith – Ninety

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Jaden Smith – Ninety

Jaden Smith released “SYRE” almost three years ago but he’s still creating visuals for it.

Jaden Smith has proven himself to be a much different artist from his father. Smith typically likes to create artsy songs that have long runtimes and numerous themes packed into one.

He also has a very specific visual style that includes purple and pink gradients that always seem to make their way into his music videos. Well, Smith is bringing that style back to the forefront with his latest video for the song “Ninety” which came off of his 2017 SYRE album.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: Jaden Smith – Ninety
Jaden Smith Ninety

Smith describes this song and visual as a “twisted love story” although, for the entire run time of the video, Smith can be found by himself in a worn-down area. In some of the scenes, Smith can be seen running away while in others, he is falling to his knees and laying down in anguish.

Clearly, Smith is feeling some sort of pain from a recent relationship and is trying to express his feelings through the visual.



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