‘Cynthia Morgan Lied!’, Nigerians Slap Singer On Social Media


The social media space is buzzing as reacted to the documents stating ’s contract with Northside Entertainment.

Last Saturday, the dancehall singer in an interview listed the supposed bad treatment she received from her former record label. Amongst other things she accused her former record label of banning her from the use of her stage name.

She also complained she wasn’t paid royalties due her while insinuating her former boss wasn’t fair to her.

Following widespread accusations, Jude Okoye came out to clear his name and also dropped copies of the contract Cynthia Morgan signed.

Sickness And Family Problems Forced Cynthia Morgan To Activate Plan Hiatus
Cynthia Morgan

Having read through the terms of contract, Nigerian have slammed Cynthia Morgan for attempting to buy sympathy by playing victim. They have also condemned her for throwing away a 50/50 deal which apparently is one of the best an artiste can get.

The tweets are flying as Nigerians react in different ways, with humour, sarcasm and outright condemnation.

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