Cardi B Excites Fans With Good News


’s fans are over the moon after the rapper announced her new single will drop very soon.

27-year-old Cardi B hasn’t released a single of her own since ‘Press’ in May last year, but she has reassured her fans they will be able to hear some of her new music in the very near future.

Speaking in an Instagram Live, she said: ”My single is coming very, very soon, OK guys.”

She then joked: ”My single is coming when I lose weight. Never!”

In March, Cardi revealed her new single had been delayed due to .

Responding to a fan’s request for an update on her new song, Cardi wrote on Twitter: ”It’s delay due to the virus (sic)”

The star has released just one album so far, ‘Invasion of Privacy’, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Cardi B Excites Fans With Good News
Cardi B

But just last month, the ‘I Like It’ hitmaker posted the ”hard-hitting” intro for her second album on social media.

She shared a clip of the track which will appear at the start of her as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2018’s acclaimed LP.

It features a tribute to Isaiah Rodgers, the NFL cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts, who is seen on field as running commentary plays.

Cardi then breaks into her track ‘Get Up 10′ from her first album, and sings: ”Just ’cause I been on the road don’t mean I been on the run

”And you gon’ have to learn to hold your tongue or hold the gun.”

Alongside the 60-second snippet, she tweeted: ”Sooo dope this make me soo happy .My new album intro going to Hit just as hard ! (sic)”

And she said: ”This makes me feel so good.That’s why I’m going hard on my new Intro! CONGRATS @Isaiahrodgers (sic)”

Cardi has been working on her new record during lockdown.

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