57 Workers Of Ibadan Company Tests Positive For Coronavirus


57 members of staff of one company in , Oyo State capital, have tested positive for the disease ().

Oyo State governor, , had first announced on Saturday, May 16, 2020, that 30 staff members from the organisation tested positive.

Eight more also tested positive for the disease from the same organisation on Sunday, May 17.

In the latest update made public in the early hours of Tuesday, May 19, Makinde said all 19 new cases recorded in the state on Monday are employees of the same company.

“The COVID-19 confirmation tests for nineteen suspected cases came back POSITIVE.

“All nineteen of these cases are from the same organisation referred to in the update of May 16 and 17, 2020,” he announced.

Coronavirus Updates

The identity of the company will be revealed later on Tuesday, according to Makinde who said on Monday he was waiting for the state’s Emergency Operations Centre to gather relevant intelligence and complete investigations.

He said publicly naming the company will ensure anyone who has visited its premises recently will be able to present themselves for testing.

The only currently known information about the company in question is that it is based in the Ibadan South West local government area, and has been shut down for decontamination.

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