288 New Cases Of Coronavirus Recorded In Nigeria

BREAKING: 204 New Coronavirus Cases, 54 Deaths Recorded In Nigeria

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Friday confirmed 288 cases of coronvirus across the country.

A total of 5445 cases have now been recorded in 34 states and the FCT.

On Friday, NCDC confirmed 179 cases in Lagos, while the health commission said 20 new cases were confirmed in Kaduna. Katsina and Jigawa also got 15 new cases each.

Coronavirus Spreads To Kano As Nigeria Reports 13 New Cases
Coronavirus updates

In Borno, 13 cases were confirmed by NCDC while eleven new cases were confirmed in Ogun State. Kano had eight new cases while Abuja got seven new cases.

Niger and Ekiti states confirmed four cases each while Oyo, Delta and Bauchi had three new cases each.

NCDC announced two cases in Kwara State and also confirmed one case in Edo State.

The number of total recoveries increased from 1,180, to 1320 while fatalities increased from 170 to 171.



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