Seyi Makinde Kicks Off Operation Zero Potholes, Light-up Oyo State

Seyi Makinde Kicks Off Operation Zero Potholes, Light-up Oyo State

The Oyo State government is set to light-up state with Light-Up State project.

This was disclosed to Journalists in Ibadan on Wednesday by Raphael Afonja, the Commissioner for Public Works, Infrastructure, and Transport.

He added that the project will cover 70 roads and 223.42 kilometres across the five geopolitical zones of the state.

Another statement by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, Taiwo Adisa also said the executive council had awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of two dumpsites in Ibadan as part of the new Solid Waste Management Architecture launched by the governor.

“The Executive Council approved the expansion of the streetlighting project, Light-Up Oyo, which started late last year. We will start the phase two, which has been extended to other zones in the state. About 70 roads have been captured for the installation of this LED streetlights and majority of roads in the state will feel the impact.

“One of the reasons the decision of His Excellency came about was the fact that he believes in the security of the society. So, the initiative came up for security reasons. Also, we believe the project will have impact in socio-economic terms as we saw in the first phase. People can feel secure coming from their homes or going to office, places of business, hospitals or wherever they are coming from.

“The second project is the zero-pothole initiative that the governor has embarked upon. He believes there is a need to quickly fix the potholes before the rain starts, starting with Ibadan metropolis. As we all know, most traffic congestions experienced in the past have been due to people being extra careful when they are driving because they don’t want to hit the potholes.

“So, the Executive Council approved the commencement of patching of potholes, starting with Ibadan metropolis.

“Also, another thing that has been done recently is the decentralisation of OYSROMA so that it can have offices in five zones, which will allow the effectiveness in terms of fixing most of these potholes that have been observed across the state. So, we are being pro-active about it, while OYSROMA will take the lead. would have been seeing them one or two time in the news visiting different zones.

“There are other initiatives when it comes to potholes fixing that will follow this, which will go all the way to the grassroots. Initially, people think it is only in Ibadan but we should thank His Excellency because it is now expanding to other zones in the state.”

In a similar vein, the Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources, Hon. Ayoola said: “His Excellency launched a new solid waste management architecture recently and what the architecture entails is the proper collection, storage and conveyance of solid waste from the point of generation to the point of disposal, which is the dumpsite.

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Seyi Makinde

“Part of what that entails again is, collection, storage and transfer to dumpsite will be largely private-sector driven. I am happy to report to that the selection of Private Sector Participant (PSP) for solid waste has been concluded and because they have to dump the waste in a place, the dumpsite has to be made ready and comfortable.

“Pursuant to that, the Oyo State Executive Council has approved contracts for the rehabilitation of two waste dumpsites in Ibadan. There is one at Ajakanga, Oluyole Local Government and the second one is at Awotan near Apete in Ido Local Government. The contractor has, as I speak to you, moved to site and work has commenced.

“The idea is to expand the capacity and enhance the efficiency of our solid waste collection and disposal efforts.”


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