Nigerians Rain Insults On Burna Boy For Saying They Deserve Bad Leaders


blasts Nigerian youths for not having the same energy they used to call out celebrities like Funke Akindele for politicians who steal public funds.

Music star Burna Boy has again drawn the ire of Nigerians on Twitter after he said that they deserve .

While reacting to the news of a fire outbreak at the office of the Accountant General of , Burna said that he believed the outbreak was to cover up alleged financial misappropriation and called out Nigerians for not criticising their leaders enough.

The 28-year-old further referenced Funke Akindele who was called out on Twitter for hosting a house party during government-ordered lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus before she was arrested and charged to court.

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Burna Boy

Burna found fault with Nigerian youths for not having the same energy with which they called out the Nollywood icon for their leaders.

“Everything were dey happen for Nigeria, Nigerians deserve am,” Burna said in Pidgin English.

“That same energy you used to make an innocent woman that works for her money to feed her family get arrested. Now she has lost all her endorsement deals,” he further said (this part has been translated to English for better understanding)

“Use that same energy to tackle your politician, the people who steal your money.

“You people will suffer, this is just the beginning.”

Twitter backlash

Not pleased with his comment, Nigerians came for Burna who quickly became the number one trending item on Twitter Nigeria.

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