COVID-19: Africa’s Spiritual Leader, SatGuru Maharaj Ji, Offers Assistance (Video)


A spiritual leader in Nigeria, who is popularly called ‘Black Jesus’ has offered to help the government in providing solution to the pandemic.

In a video documentary released on YouTube, Maharaj Ji also answers vital questions surrounding the longstanding mysteries of life and the universe posed by the investigative duo, and of K-Baba Multiconcepts.

Read excerpts from Spiritual Leader, SatGuru Maharaj Ji’s address to government and citizens of Nigeria.

COVID-19: Africa’s Supreme Spiritual Leader, SatGuru Maharaj Ji Offers Assistance

“Again, some people have added millipedes, cockroach and scorpion, all kinds of insects, bats, frog and even human flesh to their menu list. Advocacy for gay marriage, transgender and oral sex, man and animal canal relationship, gender equality, single parentage, prostitution and women roaming the streets half naked have all gained entry and acceptance as normal way of living.”

“The light is here and there is need for us to look inward on how to tackle the spread of Covid19 in Nigeria because it is morally wrong for us to depend on countries of origin for assistance on how to manage the scourge.”

COVID-19: Africa’s Supreme Spiritual Leader, SatGuru Maharaj Ji Offers Assistance
Satguru Maharaj Ji

“Hence all imported items from abroad meant to check the spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria should not be put to use for now. Again, all categories of imported goods from abroad must be thoroughly screened. Equally, the importation of second hands clothing materials must stop.”

“Our meeting is to let the whole world know that the solution to all of Life’s burdens is here- Heaven on Earth, where there is an active energy that enables synergy between man and his source- a profound magnetic force that can solve this Covid19 problem overnight. Corona is an invention of modern day slavery and Civilization started here in Africa, Man has forgotten himself is the reason for everything we are experiencing now” were the concise words used in describing Maharaji village in Ibadan as a safe haven fortified against Corona by the controversial supreme spiritual leader of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji during a celebrity conversation powered by radio love doctor K-Baba Multiconcepts & supported by Plug Central at Maharajis compound in Iju, Lagos.”

COVID-19: Africa’s Supreme Spiritual Leader, SatGuru Maharaj Ji Offers Assistance

“Assuring everyone alive to realize Maharaj Ji is the latest divine car with 100% guaranteed safety features which upgrades every status and has come to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, Sat Guru explained that people are clamoring for the return of the God man but God will not come by himself except through messengers like the Black man who is now ruling the world as Maharaj Ji.”

Also SatGuru advocates for development in Ibadan, including a refinery and job opportunities amongst many other progressive features.

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