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Comedian Funnybone Slams Igbo Girls (Video)

Comedian Funnybone Slam Igbo Girls (Video)

Popular comic act, Funnybone has opined that the average Igbo girl has the mindset that she is beautiful and someone, someday would come for her hands in marriage.

Speaking via an Instagram live video, Funnybone added that they are usually brought up with this mindset.

Comedian Funnybone Slam Igbo Girls (Video)

“From childhood she’s been taught that all she need do is grow up, you are a fine girl, a rich man will come and marry you. That is the average Igbo girl mentality. I am Igbo, you know, am saying this with no apology to anybody here is Igbo. Am being honest, the average Nigerian Igbo girl, average, the mindset is am a fine girl.”


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