The Saddest Thing That Ever Happened To Me –Lola Idije


Veteran Nollywood also known as has revealed the saddest thing that happened to her while speaking of how her love for her female children prevented her from remarrying after losing her husband.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, the veteran actress expressed that she didn’t think there will be too many men who will be interested in marrying her with three kids.

She expressed that even if she finds a man who will accept her children, she is not sure he won’t clash with her daughters.

The Saddest Thing That Ever Happened To Me –Lola Idije
Lola Idije

On having just female children, Lola Idije stated that she believes she has been destined to give birth to only girls so she isn’t bothered about not having a male child.

The 61-year-old further revealed that she had a male child for her late husband but lost him as a baby.

Lola Idije confessed that the death of her male child is the saddest thing that ever happened to her.

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