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How My Blue Film Addiction Started —IK Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna Blames Nigerian Media: ‘They Hardly Celebrate The Good Things About Celebrities’

Popular Nigerian actor, IK Ogbonna recently recounted how he became addicted to pornography at a tender age.

It appears this quarantine period is taking a toll on some Nigerian celebrities as the single father of one went live on his official Instagram page to interact with his fans.

IK Ogbonna Says 90% Of Marriages Are Unhappy And Wear Fake Smiles
IK Ogbonna

During the interactive session, the singer said he had a neighbor, who was fond of watching adult-rated movies and so he would always turn this antenna to the man’s house to watch it even though it wasn’t clear.

The actor also explained how he would scheme with his friends to rent the movies.



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