Enjoy Being A Systems Administrator Through Passing CompTIA Exam. Reasons To Use Exam Dumps

Enjoy Being A Systems Administrator Through Passing CompTIA Exam. Reasons To Use Exam Dumps

As far as you know, the IT industry is facing rapid growth. New technologies and software are being launched every month.

Thus, hiring IT professionals has become one of the biggest priorities for any IT company worldwide. Mesmerized by the generous job offers many fresh graduates decide to dig deep into IT topics and prepare to become an expert. However, apart from graduating from a top-ranked university, successful candidates also need a globally recognized accreditation.

One of these can be the CompTIA Security+ certification, which can be obtained after having passed SY0-501 exam. An applicant who showcases this credential to the CV list has more chances to be considered for numerous job opportunities, which include a systems administrator, security administrator, network administrator, security engineer or security specialist to mention a few.

So, in this article, we will talk about the tips and tricks on how to pass Certification Exam Dumps test easily and get this prestigious vendor-neutral Security+ badge from CompTIA. On top of all that, you will also receive the answers on how to become Systems Administrator once you have earned this credential.

What Are Top Priorities of a Systems Administrator?

If you are among those candidates that are going to sit for SY0-501 exam and get a position as a systems administrator, you should be aware of the responsibilities of this specialist.

One of the top priorities that systems administrators might have is ensuring that the company’s systems are working properly. What is more, this employee should be always prepared to fix any systems failure and have a plan to solve any issue that might appear. The list of responsibilities also includes the following tasks:

  • finding effective backup solutions ready to be implemented whenever the peripheral systems fail;
  • developing a comprehensive recovery and security policy;
  • providing the right credentials and permissions to employees according to their position in the company;
  • overlooking the server and storage devices and coming up with fast and reliable solutions whenever one of them fails;
  • staying permanently updated with the latest trends on products and solutions that could benefit the company.

How Much Does a Systems Administrator Earn?

Enjoy Being A Systems Administrator Through Passing CompTIA Exam. Reasons To Use Exam Dumps
How Much Does a Systems Administrator Earn?

As for the salary of a systems administrator, according to the website, such specialists receive $62k yearly. Having the Security+ badge on your CV list you increase your income greatly and can earn up to $87k per year.

To compare, a junior systems administrator will earn approximately $44k per year. So, as far as you can see, obtaining the CompTIA Security+ credential can be advantageous in many ways.

Learn More About SY0-501 Exam

As it has already been mentioned, SY0-501 is necessary to gain the CompTIA Security+ badge. The exam itself comprises of 90 questions, performance-based and multiple-choice, to which candidates will have to give answers in 90 minutes. The minimum passing score that the applicant should score obtain is 750 points. Before sitting for this test, it’s recommended for you to be the owner of the Network+ certification and demonstrate a minimum experience in IT of 2 years completing the tasks related to the security domain. The fee that candidates will have to pay to take SY0-501 exam is $349.

Skills Gained During Preparation for SY0-501 Exam

The preparation for SY0-501 exam enables successful candidates to develop the following skills:

  • quickly identify system vulnerabilities and prevent potential attacks;
  • handle identity and access management systems;
  • understand wireless security settings and configure different tools to support the organization’s security;
  • develop risk management policy and secure network architecture.

Now that you know more about SY0-501 exam and its structure, it is time to have an overview of the tools and resources that you can use to increase your chances to pass the exam. Keep reading the paragraphs below and discover more about the preparation resources and how exam dumps can help you succeed in the exam at the first attempt.

How to Prepare for SY0-501 Exam?

First of all, the CompTIA website offers different training methods to help test-takers pass SY0-501 assessment from the first attempt. One of the most popular options is to attend the virtual training labs. During these sessions, candidates gain practical skills as well as solid knowledge of the topics tested in SY0-501 exam. In addition, you can try on the role of an administrator and complete the tasks of different complexity. Thus, you’ll hone your hand-on skills. Also, they can access the prep videos created by IT experts in security.The live training sessions are excellent for those students who want fast and clear answers from certified IT instructors.

Secondly, applicants can increase their chances to pass SY0-501 exam by checking the website, where they can find additional helpful study materials. Pay only $39.97 to download the Premium Bundle and you will get access to a set of expert-verified questions and answers,video lectures and a study guide. In addition to this, Prepaway can provide you with the updated free practice tests, uploaded by the recent test-takers.But make sure you have downloaded the Avanset VCE Exam Simulator to help you open the dumps easily.As you can understand, Prepaway is one of the best alternatives for you to brush up your knowledge and be confident in yourself at the main exam.


To recap, passing SY0-501 exam is the valid proof for any top employer to trust that the candidate who adds this badge to the resume has the necessary skills to be a performant employee. Gaining the CompTIA Security+ certification helps any IT professional become an expert in his/her field and win a generous annual salary.

The structure of SY0-501 exam is quite complex that’s why the test-takers need an in-depth preparation to get used to the questions and exam’s environment. Besides the resources provided by CompTIA, the website is one of the most valuable resources which will boost candidates’ exam performance via getting access to free reliable exam dumps.


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