Offset Makes Acting Debut On NCIS: LA (Download Movie)


Like his spouse and fellow rap star , is getting into the acting game.

The Migos member will appear on this Sunday’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. In his debut role, he’ll portray an undercover CIA agent who Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J’s characters seek out for help rescuing a special agent. (As commenter Jerkface123 points out, all three Migos appeared as drug dealers in a 2016 episode of Atlanta, but only Quavo had a speaking role.)

Offset Makes Acting Debut On NCIS: LA (Download Movie)
Offset in NCIS: LA

TMZ has premiered a promo video featuring scenes from the episode plus interviews with Offset and other cast members. It also includes a preview of Offset’s new solo track “Danger.” Watch below.

Watch Teaser 1


Watch Teaser 2


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