Justin Bieber Goes Personal In ‘Changes’ Music Video


’s new music videos have all been shot at natural sites that have meant something to the pop star.

His promo for “”, the title track on his new album, dropped on Apple Music on Tuesday morning, February 25, and it features the singer in his native Canada.

The wintry scenes were shot by director Michael D. Ratner, and the film details some of the changes Bieber has gone through to get to his 26th birthday, which falls on Sunday, March 1.

Justin Bieber Goes Personal In ‘Changes’ Music Video
Justin Bieber in Changes video

Bieber tells Apple Music, “These videos were all shot in places in nature that meant something to me over the years and I’m thrilled that my fans get to experience the music with these concepts in mind.”

The video is Ratner’s second in a series of four. He also shot Justin’s “Intentions” video.

Watch teaser below;



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