‘I’m The Jesus Of…’ –Terry G Declares


Nigerian singer, has declared himself the “” of Nigerian music.

In an interview with Channels TV, Terry stated that he set the pace for the present trend in the .

According to Terry G, he is the “Jesus” of the Nigerian music industry.

”I’m the Jesus of Nigerian music, I’m not the Christ. The Christ is the saviour, Jesus is a name, and for the fact that Jesus is the most popular name that died for us and sacrificed for us.

“It took me a while to take this risk that a lot of persons discriminated against me for and now, they see people smoking, doing stuff and nobody is talking. There must be a pace-setter”.

Terry continued, saying Nigerians are hypocritical and have now come to accept the many things he was criticized for in the past.

On , Terry G admitted that it was not in his place to decide whether he was more influential than Naira Marley.

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