Beverly Naya Frowns At The Media Over Recent Marriage Report


Nollywood actress in tweets shared on her Twitter page has bemoaned the way the media stereotypes when interviews are held.

This is coming days after she granted an interview and the media widely capitalised on the marriage aspect of her discussion.

According to the film star, more often than not, when a woman is interviewed, the headline is crafted to be about her marital status versus her achievements, life, career and aspirations.

Why Men And Women End Up In Wrong Marriages –Beverly Naya
Beverly Naya

She decried that is always the focus and described this as “quite unfortunate.”

She tweeted:

“Quite unfortunate that when a woman grants an interview in this part of the world, the headline is almost always about her marital status or opinions on marriage. You’ll spend 30 mins talking about your life, career, and aspirations only to have ‘marriage’ be the focus. Wow.”

She went on to share some examples of typical headlines used during some of such interviews. She added in another tweet:

“Most common headlines used for women: ‘Why I’ve chosen not to get married’ ‘Why I’m still not married’ ‘The kind of man I want to marry’ ‘The right man hasn’t found me’ ‘I will marry when God says I should’ ‘I will get married when the right man finds me’ ‘Why I’m single.”

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