Be Ready For Refined Madness –Terry G Tells Fans

He created a style in the music industry thereby making the art of music easy to do


Singer is ready to return to doing music and has promised his fans what he calls ‘Redefind Madness’. Terry G takes a leap of faith to coming back to the mainstream music world, courtesy of .

Terry G is one of the singers that broke the strict rule of music and gave the licence for freestyles to be used as original acceptable musical joint in Nigeria.

He created a style in the music industry thereby making the art of music easy to do, leaving the impression that anyone can wake up to do music. “Free Madness,” “Akpako Master”, “See Groove” and “Sangolo” are some of his songs which ruled the airwaves in the late 2000s and are still enjoying airplay till date.

For many reasons, people see Terry G through his songs as the star of his own multitude of beautiful musical lunacy. With his planned comeback to his first love-music, Terry G’s fans should expect nothing short of refined ‘madness.’

CEO of Basic Entertainment, Ogbuefi Udochukwu a.k.a Fire noted that the investment deal which will lapse after three years will help to re-brand and also remake “Akpako Master.”

Terry G also revealed that he once rejected a deal with , claiming that it did not pay. “They are not giants, but hustlers. I rejected Sony music deal and Burna Boy also did. It doesn’t pay,” the singer said.

He, therefore, advised Nigerian singers to ensure they understand the details of every agreement before they sign deals.

In addition, Terry G urged artistes to take advantage of their fame, saying it does not last forever. “When the lights are shining on you, do not think that they would be forever. My own fame was full of pressure, controversies,” he added.

-Culled from Vanguard

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