YouTube Beats Netflix, Showmax To Emerge Most Preferred Streaming Service In Nigeria

Media Consumption And Activities Of Nigerians During Festive Season


The festive period in Nigeria is crammed full of activities. Schools are closed, work is winding down, and there are events for days. Through all of this, people still find time to spend with their families, reconnect and relax into the new year.

One of the foremost shared activities amongst Nigerian families is still watching TV. And with the wide variety of options available, the concept of watching TV has been expanded. Gone are the good old days of going to a nearby store to rent an array of CDs for the weekend or holidays. Or buying collections of CDs filled with your favourite holiday movies.

With cheaper subscription fees for Cable TV platforms, influx of online streaming platforms as a result of broadband internet penetration, and not forgetting an increasing number of private and government owned terrestrial TV stations. There is now a wider access to content than ever before, and there is more content out there than can possibly be consumed.

YouTube Beats Netflix, ShowMax To Emerge Most Preferred Streaming Service In Nigeria

So with this array of entertainment sources online and offline, we asked Nigerians what it is they are watching during the 2019-2020 festive season and where they got their content from. In spite of all the activities during this festive period, most of our respondents were spending the holiday season watching TV.

Turns out Multichoice is the primary choice of cable entertainment for Nigerians, with 48% of respondents saying they watch and 33% choosing GOtv for their homes.

Unsurprisingly, is the chief platform for online streaming content with 59.3% of respondents stating it was their primary choice for streaming content, while comes behind with a 25.9% response rate. This may be so because apart from the payment for data, still requires a small monthly subscription fee, and this may discourage people from using the platform. Unlike Youtube which is free.

We also found out that Nigerians between 18-35 watch more foreign movies than any other shows and programmes. 46.6% of our respondents apparently chose Hollywood over (12.2%) . Football matches and other sporting programmes come a far second with only 16.4% of our respondents stating that they watch more sports during the festive season.

Although Nigerian movies are generally getting a better review globally, this might not yet be reflected in people’s consumption habits. With almost 4 times more people choosing to watch Hollywood content over Nollywood during the festive season, more work may need to be done to make Nigerian movies more attractive and more readily accessible to younger audiences who consume content primarily on Cable TV and streaming platforms.

Recently, there has been a massive upload of Nollywood movies on streaming platforms like Netflix, , and even an abundance of Nigerian movies on the ever increasing Africa Magic channel options. Maybe this would change the numbers in the near future.


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