Speed Darlington Trolls President Buhari As Rapper Campaigns Ahead Of 2023 In ‘Akamu’ Video

VIDEO: Speed Darlington - Akamu (Strr. Vic O)


When expressed his interest in contesting for the position of the Presidency under his PAP party, many didn’t take him seriously. Now the witty rapper has carried on to campaign in his visuals for his latest hit track, titled ‘’.

Speed Darlington has expanded his large fan base on social media even more since he dropped the audio of ‘Akamu’ last year, with additional attention drawn to him after his collaboration with Zlatan Ibile. The feature with Zlatan brought him back to Nigeria from America where he lives, to perform at different Lagos events in December 2019.

Speed Darlington Sends Direct Warning To President Buhari As Rapper Campaigns Ahead Of 2023 In ‘Akamu’ Video
Speed Darlington campaigns in ‘Akamu’

Now that Speed Darlington knowns he has the attention of Nigerians, he releases the visuals for ‘Akamu’, a campaign song for his 2023 presidential ambition. In the visuals, the rapper made series of promises to viewers while reading his manifestos to the general public.

Speed Darlington isn’t here to joke; he sends a stern warning to President Muhammadu , threatened to give the first man in Nigeria a hot knock in the head if he fails to behave himself. If he continues with his ambition, we may see Speed Darlington take part in the next Nigerian election expected to take place in 2023.

Speed darlington in Akamu

In the rapper’s words, “I am the baddest Nigerian alive. I am the only artist currently in Nigeria with a music video that trolls a sitting president #DaDaDang! Very soon I will be collecting 40 million naira for a show. #AKAMU Is my first political song ever.”

Speed Darlington is leading a crusade that emanated from his playful social media displays that were not initially perceived serious. He has now evolved to become one of the Nigerian artistes that is widely loved.

However, should Speed Darlington be taken seriously? Time will tell. For now, enjoy the ‘Akamu’ video.

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