Kanye West Inspires The Kardashians With ‘Positivity Dictionary Game’ (Video)


The new episode of ‘Keeping Up With ’ on Sunday, October 1, 2019, shows inspiring Kardashians with positivity with his dictionary game while sitting at a table with his wife and her two sisters Khloe and .

“Kanye always wants people to be more positive so he came up with this little dictionary game,” Kim said of her husband. “We pick a page in the dictionary and everyone has to underline the positive words.”

hey appeared to have some different opinions about some words, prompting the “Jesus Is King” rapper to say, “These always sparks these kinds of conversations.

People get into parenting, this and that. It’s a fire board game, like when you’re board.” Khloe agreed, saying, “That’s true.”

Watch below;

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