Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pimples On Vagina

After being sure that what has grown down there is a pimple, the following tips will help you to get rid of it


Nevertheless, are , and they can happen almost anywhere, so there is no need to panic when it occurs down there. But before you start to get rid of a pimple, make sure it is not an ingrown hair, which often looks like and even pops like them.

After being sure that what has grown down there is a pimple, the following will help you to get rid of it:

Let your body hair relax

In case you have a painful pimple or you develop an irritated area after popping one, shaving or waxing is going to make your situation worse. You could even get more acne or ingrown hairs which look like pimples. Thus, make sure your body hair chill for some time until the pimple is better.

Use a warm towel

Before you think of applying any cream or cleanse down there, soothe the pimple and irritated area with a warm towel. And how do you do this? Put the towel in warm water, wring it out, and then press it on the area for about 10 to 15 minutes. Gradually, the pimple will come to head, and then you would be able to pop it or allow it burst on its own.

Don’t touch it

You might say that this would be difficult to do, considering our first instinct when we see a pimple down there is to pop it. But for your own good, let the pimple be and leave it to go away on its own. Touching it constantly can spread bacteria and even lead to more irritation or an infection.

Stay away from wearing tight underwear or pants

Wearing tight underwear or pants over the pimple can trap moisture and sweat. This can lead to irritation and more bacteria that can worsen your situation or even cause more pimples. So the best thing to do is to wear cotton underwear that is not too tight, and loose pants.

Use A Product Specifically for pimples down there

If you can’t wait for the pimple to disappear on its own or the warm towel to do its work, then try a product made especially for pimples down there.

Visit a dermatologist if the pimple wouldn’t just go away

It’s probably been a couple of weeks and the pimple down there wouldn’t just disappear after trying all the above. You must, therefore, book an appointment with your ob-gyn or dermatologist. This is because some sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes and genital warts, can cause similar-looking bumps.

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