Rihanna Says She ‘Absolutely’ Turned Down The Super Bowl In Support Of Colin Kaepernick

I just couldn’t be a sellout


In a new interview with Vogue, Rih opened up about why she decided to boycott the and the NFL.

Check out an excerpt:

I ask if we can discuss politics. “How deep you wanna get?” she says. “However deep you’re willing to go,” I say. She signals that I may proceed, and I ask if it’s true that she turned down the Super Bowl halftime show in solidarity with . “Absolutely,” she says. “I couldn’t dare do that. For what? Who gains from that? Not my people. I just couldn’t be a sellout. I couldn’t be an enabler. There’s things within that organization that I do not agree with at all, and I was not about to go and be of service to them in any way.”

It’s unclear if Rihanna was aware of pal Jay-Z’s backdoor deal with the league at the time she spoke, but we can’t imagine her opinion suddenly changing without the organization itself changing. And it hasn’t.

Read the rest of Rihanna’s interview where she talks new music (!!!) and more here.

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