Rihanna Receives Backlash For Using Chris Brown’s Song In Fenty Beauty Promo

Rihanna Receives Backlash For Using Chris Brown’s Song In Fenty Beauty Promo

Rihanna has shocked her fans after she posted a promo video for a new collection of her Glossy Posse lipglosses.

Displaying the new colors of the lipglosses, the clip shared on the Barbadian beauty’s Instagram page features Chris Brown’s song “Come Together” ft. H.E.R., which is lifted off his latest album “Indigo”, in the background.

Some of her followers were disappointed with the choice of song, which makes her still associated with the man who once beat her up. “Sis ? Chris Brown in the background???” one asked in disbelief. Another angry fan reacted, “NO SIS STOP THIS S**T WITH CHRIS.”

Another wrote a lengthy response, “terrible business move. It is women who have supported your brand from the start and spend their hard earned money to make it the success that it is. You enabling this abuser who not only hurt you but other women as well is incredibly disrespectful of your customer base. You have taken such a strong stance towards racism in the nfl, why can’t you take a stance for other women ?”

“Who are ur main customer base and supporters,” the said user continued to argue. “This hurts because we love you and have supported ur every endovour but we can’t stand behind you using an abusers to promote a brand for women!! This is pritcaulary hard for ur customers and fans who have experienced DV. @fentybeauty if this is your ethos then I will take my support elsewhere.”

But others think it’s time to leave the past behind, since Rihanna herself has seemingly forgiven Chris. “She can listen to whoever she wants,” one defended the “Diamonds” singer’s use of Chris’ song. Another added, “i know y’all pressed lmaooo.. she forgave Chris a long time y’all clowns the only one mad Breezy the GOAT.”

“I love these,” someone else commented on the video, before hitting back at those Chris haters, “And all you critical on this post over the music choice. Stop trying to make people victims….. we are warriors. We move with strength not weakness whining over stuff that has happened to us in the past.”

Rihanna has not responded to the mixed responses, but she didn’t seem to have regret over the song choice as she still keeps the video on her Instagram account with Chris’ song. The “With You” hitmaker himself, who has been paying a lot of attention to Rih’s Instagram posts, is loving her nod to him, leaving a heart emoji on the comment section of the video.


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