Nicki Minaj Tags Budding Rapper ‘Weak Minded’ For Saying She Didn’t Look Up To Her (Video)

Nicki Minaj has had enough of people being reluctant to pay homage to her


“Anaconda” rapper, took to her Instagram account on Thursday, October 24 to go on a rant after watching videos of a teenage female rapper changing her answers when she is asked to name a rapper that she looks up to the most.

In one video, a female reporter could be seen asking young female rappers during a press conference, “Who do you look up to in the industry? Unfortunately, you don’t have many examples you can look up to. I wouldn’t say Nicki would be your example. Or you tell me if she’s your example, cause I got a question after that.”

Judging by her tone, it appeared the female reporter pressured the girls not to name Nicki as their inspiration. One rapper, who goes by the name Ricci, appeared to be nervous before answering how she looked up to , making her friends and mentors confused since it turned out that the young artist had always said Nicki was her inspiration.

This apparently didn’t sit well with Nicki as she said in the caption of her post, “If you’re this weak minded you won’t last in this game anyway.” The Trinidadian rapper also called out the reporter who asked the question, “Look @ the hate & bitterness on this BLACK woman’s face when someone says they’re influence is the most dominating female rapper of the last decade chile. ALL OF YOU GIRLS DO THIS SO SAD.”

“Even male artist gotta pretend in interviews now chile. LMFAO,” Nicki continued saying. “This is what’s going on behind the scenes @ award shows, radio shows, etc. They gotta say they was influnced by ppl who was rappin b4 they was born chile. Anything but those 10 little letters on a big sign, N I C K I M I N A J.”

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