How And Why To Use The Image Cropping Tool


The image cropping tool is one of the simplest applications you can get your hands on. To start with, the user does not have to go through any dropdown menus, lengthy forms of any other complex option. This tool is extremely easy to use and one gets done with image editing quickly.

Why is the cropping tool important?

Every tool on the internet has a purpose behind it. For instance, a text editor is used to proofread content and remove grammatical issues. Similarly, the image cropper has a specific purpose. It is used to select the area of the image which you wish to use. At times, image owners want the viewers to pay attention to a particular area of the image. This is only possible if the surrounding area is not overwhelming. Prepostseo image cropper is used to remove the area which you do not want to be viewed.

Here are some reasons why the Prepostseo Image Cropper holds importance:

1. Removal of extra unwanted area

Immense creativity is needed to come up with quality images. Once you are done with a good click, the necessary editing work has to be done. At times, you may figure out that in a particular picture, the entire area is not beneficial for you. If a picture has a car standing in front of a house, the area around the car should be cropped if you want the viewer to focus on it. A cropping tool removes the area of the image which you do not require. Professional designers and image illustrators use the cropping tool every now and then. Every image is edited and modified before being uploaded on a website or social media platform. These changes are made so that the image can look more appealing.

2. Improving the image impact

An image creator has a particular vision in mind when he is creating a snapshot. Even the best images have to be cropped to achieve the desired purpose. An example would provide us with better clarity. Consider that you have a snapshot in which there is a light colored basket in the center and the border around it is dark in color. If no cropping is done, the person viewing the image would not pay attention to the basket. This is because it would be overshadowed by the dark colored border.

• If you want the viewers to focus on the basket, the border around it would have to be cropped. In this way, the area around the image would be reduced. Thus, when someone would view the image, he would pay focus on the basket and not the border around it. Through this example, it is very clear that cropping is an important process for image refining. It improves the overall appearance of the image and increases the impact.

3. Fine-tuned images produce better marketing results

What is the first thing you would do if you want to buy a pair of jeans? In most cases, people search for images of the product they wish to buy. Most customers are not interested in going through text descriptions and taking a decision about the product. They view the product image and decide whether the purchase has to be made or not. In a nutshell, it can be said that the right images boost the sales volumes of brands.

• Simply uploading an image is not all you need to do to promote a product. A substandard snapshot with low quality would not deliver the goods for you. Quality matters and the necessary editing work has to be done to get the attention of the customers.

Image Cropping and its effect on product promotion

Even the most unique products have to be promoted. Customers do not pay attention to products if the images are not clear or appealing. Through cropping, a stronger impact can be created on potential buyers. In case of product pictures, it is not feasible to have any unwanted areas. If a product picture is cropped, the viewer focus on the product and not the surrounding around it.

• Brands use the cropping tool very often so that potential buyers view the product snapshots with attention. In an overall manner, you should understand that unrequired areas can spoil the overall impression of the actual image.

• You need to know that even the best images need cropping. A good click needs to be refined so that the important area can be extracted from it. Professional photographers use the cropping tool regularly so that they can bring the clicked images into better shape. How does it relate to marketing? In case of online shopping and purchasing, the product picture decides a lot of things. If the picture does not make an appealing impact, people would not be convinced about buying.

Unwanted area may shift focus

When a user views an image, a certain portion would catch his attention. This would depend on the objects displayed in the image. If you have a picture of a bag with a thick frame border around it, the person viewing the picture would focus on the border and not the bag. However, if you crop the border and make it thinner or remove it, the focus of the viewer would change. In this case, the user would view the bag as it would make a stronger impact.


Image cropping is not done by professional designers only. Standard users including students and corporate professionals need this tool when a picture has to be resized. The best thing about this tool is ease of use. There are no complex options so anyone can use it even if he does not have a computing background.

Image croppers are online tools so no installations have to be completed for using the tool. If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet connectivity, you can crop any of your images in a convenient manner. Most of these tools are free so no charges are applied for usage.

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