7-Yr-Old Child Singer, Makayla Malaka, Plans To Inspire The World Like Michael Jackson


7-year-old fresh talent, , has set a goal for herself in her music career. The young blood has ticked iconic musician and dancer, as her entertainment inspiration.  

Speaking to Saturday Beats in a recent chat, she said, “I wasn’t born when Michael Jackson was doing music but I always listen to his songs. My father also told me about him. I want to be big like Michael Jackson.”

“Music is my hobby and I do it during my leisure time. I try to use my music to inspire, encourage and entertain children all over the world,” she responded when asked if music career would not affect her education.

Makayla also noted that she enjoyed the support of her father, Emmanuel Malaka. “I have always wanted to sing, and when my dad noticed that, he took me to the studio. I released my first single in July. I have also recorded other songs, which will be released soon,” she said.

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