#Xenophobia: Ghanaian Footballer Shot In The Leg In Johannesburg


A footballer named Arthur has been shot by South African police in amid rising xenophobic attacks. The young man was said to have been shot in both legs at a close range by the unknown police officers.

According to Arthur, he did not commit any crime or have any engagement with the police which resulted in the shooting.

In a report, ’s Ambassador to , George Ayisi -Boateng lamented about the incident. He noted that arrangements had to be made by the embassy to rush Arthur to the hospital when the incident occurred.

Hon. Ayisi Boateng who was captured in a photo with Arthur while on his hospital bed expressed worry at the situation. Meanwhile, the case is said to have been reported to the appropriate authorities as they wait for investigation.

There has been recent violent attacks in South Africa following the killing of a taxi driver who is a native of the country.

Shops belonging to foreigners from other African countries were vandalized and its items stolen by the demonstrators.

They went on to set fire into some shops owned by Nigerians as there were some shooting and killing incidents. Presidents, top officials and celebrities from other African countries especially Nigeria condemned the act.

They criticized South Africans for being xenophobic when Africans are supposed to be accommodating to one another.

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