What Boyfriend Bullying Means And What It Does To Your Relationship

What Boyfriend Bullying Means And What It Does To Your Relationship
In case you are not familiar with the term emotional bullying, it simply refers to a set of toxic behaviours a partner repeatedly does so as to get an emotional advantage over the other. In more than few relationships, women are guilty of this.

Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes they do not even know what they are doing but as you’ll soon find out, even some of the actions referred to as cute and romantic are low key emotional bullying.

When you try to get something from your boyfriend or husband by emotionally-blackmailing him, it is bullying. A prime example is withholding sex until some other need is met.

If you are the type of girlfriend or wife who teases and then ‘cockblocks’ your husband just as he gets into the mood, it is emotional blackmail. Making him transfer money to you or paying for that weave before allowing him continue the sex is emotional bullying.

Other ways the act manifests is when you understand fully that your boyfriend or husband hates something and would rather not do such thing even in another life, yet you whine, cry and continuously hammer on that thing till he budges and does it just for your sake.

While partners are meant to do things for each other, there’s a time when demanding some things becomes selfish and insensitive to the other person true wishes.

Another way boyfriend bullying manifests is in threatening to leave your boyfriend at the slightest provocation. It is toxicity at its worst when every little altercation with your man makes you scream that you are tired and fed up and you want to leave, even though you are only just angry at him at that moment and would never think of leaving him for real.

Regularly making these threats with the hope of getting him to act may only work for so long. At some point he’s going to really become fed up and ask to leave the the next time you suggest it.

And this is only one of the reasons why emotional bullying is bad for your relationship.

In the bigger picture, every time you perform an act that amounts to bullying, you’re allowing resentment build up in your man’s heart, even though he suppresses his real needs and gives in so as to keep the peace in the relationship.

Eventually, the resentment will spill over and what will follow is either a partner who longer cares about your demands or who sees through your action, labels you manipulative and asks to leave the relationship.

Boyfriend bullying is a thing that you probably did not know before now, but now that you do, you know enough to do better.


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