Social Commentator Stanley Nwabia Dies At Age 43

Social Commentator Stanley Nwabia Dies At Age 43

A popular social commentator on Twitter and Newspaper Editor, Stanley Nwabia, has died at the age of 43.

According to Family sources, it was that Nwabia died in the early hours of Sunday following an unsuccessful blood transfusion procedure in Lagos.

Mr Nwabia was popular amongst supporters of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, which he used his Twitter handle (@MrStanleyNwabia) to online. Some of his associates have speculated a kidney failure as the cause of death.

Mr Nwabia’s admiration of the PDP has earned him tremendous respect amongst the opposition commentators online.

His criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress also made him a target for ferocious attacks from pro-government social media users.

His activities included standing as a public relations expert and fixer for PDP politicians.

A native of Abia State, Mr Nwabia was born in Lagos and lived there throughout his life.


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